Project Advisory Committee

Each federal fiscal year NACDD/ITACC establishes a Project Advisory Committee (PAC). The PAC assists in guiding the direction and implementation of training and technical assistance provided to DD Councils throughout the year. To assist the PAC in their work, subcommittees may be established to further assist with guidance and implementation of training and technical assistance initiatives.

Members of the PAC are comprised of innovative, diverse leaders from across the DD Council network, and include representation from DD Council executive directors, DD Council staff members and DD Council chairpersons.

Supporting Documents

  • Update Project Advisory Committee Orientation Packet coming soon…

Members of the FY18 ITACC Project Advisory Committee (PAC)

 Shannon Buller, Wyoming  Steve Wiseman, West Virginia  Sudie Johnson, District of Columbia
 Myrainne Roa, Puerto Rico  Jessica Pidgeon, New York  Chris Egan, North Carolina