TA Services and Requests

Who can request services?

  • DD Council Members
  • DD Council Staff
  • DD Council Executive Directors
  • DD Councils

What services are available?

  • Targeted technical assistance which may include on-site assistance – Council staff and/or members may request training and technical assistance tailored to meet their specific needs. To submit a request, please fill out the form below and submit.
  • High quality training – training is provided through webinar, teleconference, and in person methods.  Planned in-person events include: an annual two-day Technical Assistance Institute designed to increase and enhance the skills and knowledge of DD Council staff and members.  An Executive Director Orientation designed to support Directors new to their role, and a DD Council Chairperson Leadership Meeting is held biennially to support Council members serving in the leadership role of Chair.
  • Information Dissemination – This service is designed to provide information to DD Councils about topics that improve Council operations, performance, and outcomes.
  • Rapid Response to Information Requests – The ITACC rapid response system is designed to provide DD Council members, DD Council staff and Executive Directors access to information, technical assistance and training resources quickly. Any DD Council member, DD Council staff member or Executive Director can access ITACC rapid response system by calling 202-506-5813 ext. 148 or emailing Sheryl Matney at smatney@nacdd.org or Angela Castillo-Epps at 202-506-5813 ext. 100 or acastillo-epps@nacdd.org. ITACC staff will provide a response within 48 hours of receiving the request. All rapid response requests will be tracked to determine emerging trends.
  • Issue Specific Teleconference Opportunities – ITACC Staff will provide teleconference opportunities on issues that are of importance to DD Council members, staff and Executive Directors.

What is the cost?

Technical Assistance services are free of charge to all 56 DD Councils. If a DD Council is requesting services through a TA Plan, the Administration on Developmental Disabilities is interested in knowing what, if any, costs the DD Council will cover as part of the request.

Can my DD Council request money to help with DD Council projects, speakers/facilitators?

Technical Assistance funds are limited and “pass-through” funding to assist DD Councils with State plan projects and activities are generally not available. However, if you have a need, please call ITACC staff to discuss your request.

Who selects the person (s) to assist the DD Council with their request?

A DD Council may choose contract staff or other individual (s) to assist them with their TA plan.

Are technical assistance services limited?

No. If a DD Council has a need, please contact ITACC staff! We are here to help all DD Councils!

How do I reach Technical Assistance Staff?

Request Technical Assistance

DD Councils interested in receiving on-site Technical Assistance should complete the online form below and submit. Once the request is received, a member of the NACDD/ITACC staff will contact the DD Council to obtain further information and begin the approval and planning process.

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    If you have additional questions, please contact Sheryl Matney at smatney@nacdd.org.