Council Directors

The DD Act requires the DD Council to recruit and hire a Director for the Council (Section 125 (c) (8)). Resources are provided to assist and support the DD Council Executive Director as they fulfill their role.

The Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act (DD Act)

Link to DD Act

DD Act Final Rule

DD Act Final Formula

Administration on Disability (AOD)/Office of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (OIDD)

Program Instruction 

  • Addendum: Update and Clarification on Previous Grant Flexibilities Guidance Issued on April 28, 2020
    Update document
  • Cooperative Effort Between States and State Councils on Developmental Disabilities – These instructions provide guidance to Councils that are in current and future cooperative efforts/collaborations with one another across State and Territory borders, View Program Instruction
  • Family Members Serving on State DD Councils (AIDD-Pl-16-2), View Program Instruction
  • Rescission of AIDD Program Instructions and Information Memorandums (2016), View document
  • Time Limited Demonstration Projects (10/28/16), View Program Instruction
  • AIDD Lobbying Memo – This memo was created by AIDD to help clarify questions that are often received regarding lobbying versus educating policy makers. View memo (click on Lobbying)

Designated State Agency (DSA) Information & Resources

  • Non-profit DSA TA Resource – ITACC created this resource to provide background on what a DD Council with non-profit status entails. View resource
  • Designated State Agency State Chart 2018 – This chart lists each DD Council’s DSA. View Chart
  • Designated State Agency – What does the DD Act say? (2014) – This resource was created by ITACC to provide information on the roles, responsibilities and purpose of a DSA according to the DD Act. View information
  • Review of the Designated State Agency General Info and Guidance – ITACC created this resource to provide guidance to DD Councils on reviewing a DSA. View document
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Designated State Agency – This resource reviews the purpose of an MOU as well as identifies common elements included in an agreement.
    View document

Training and Education for New Executive Directors

  • New Executive Director Orientation Resources – Annually, NACDD/ITACC provides orientation for newly hired DD Council Executive Directors. Resources from this orientation are provided and updated each fiscal year. There are 4 major areas of information presented during the orientation session by peer-mentors, representatives from the Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, and NACDD/ITACC staff. View Resource for 2020

Additional Resources & Information

  • What is Due When? Calendar of Federal Reports (Revised 2020) 
  • Intellectual Property and Copyright Information
  • Special Publication: Sexual Violence and Abuse Report  – This publication highlights Council initiatives and outcomes on the topic. View report
  • AIDD DD Council Performance Measures Guidance Document (2017) – This resource is a tool and guide for Council staff to use in data collection activities. View document
  • Nondiscrimination & Emergency Relief – Notice from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, FEMA Office of Equal Rights, and FEMA Office of Disability Integration & Coordination. View memo
  • Executive Director Transition Management – This external link includes a series of resources for succession planning for leaders, interim directors and leadership change for Boards. If you would like additional information or assistance in beginning the transition process please contact NACDD staff. View resource
  • Sustainability – ITACC created this resource to provide information on the continuation of a project’s goals, principles, and efforts to achieve desired outcomes. English version &
    Spanish version


Membership Information for Councils – This TA Brief provides general information about DD Act requirements, composition, and rotation.

Guidance to Determine Membership in Alignment with the DD Act – This TA Brief provides information to assist people responsible for recommending or appointing citizens to a State/Territory Council on Developmental Disabilities.

Membership Compliance Resource Worksheet – This worksheet is a companion piece to the Guidance document above.