Diversity, Inclusion, and Cultural and Linguistic Competence (DICLC)

The DICLC Work Group

In 2017, the DICLC work group supported several activities and initiatives to promote knowledge development and information exchange for Councils in the areas of diversity, inclusion and cultural and linguistic competence.  Among these activities were:

  • A series of introductory webinars on the definition of cultural competence and diversity; approaches to increase diversity in engagement and involvement of persons with DD, their families, and communities in the work of DD Councils;
  • A Technical Assistance Institute plenary and three concurrent sessions focused on cultural and linguistic competence and their implications for DD Councils;
  • A request to the network to submit their strategies and approaches that were developed or used by DD Councils to enhance involvement of its members of diverse cultural, racial, and ethnic communities in Council initiatives and policy work.

The DICLC Webpage / Online Resource

From Outreach to Engagement: Culturally and Linguistically Competent Engagement of Members & Communities 
Suggested Strategies provided by DD Councils 

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