AOD / OIDD Performance Measures


A variety of workgroups made up of DD Council Executive Directors and Staff have been working since FY 2012 to assist the Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AIDD) with the revision of current performance measures. In early 2014, the AIDD sought volunteer DD Councils to test the draft performance measures. Currently, 9 states are involved in a Performance Measures Pilot Group (PMPG) to assist with identifying issues with data collection, determining system changes needed to support PPR reporting requirements, and develop guidelines and technical assistance resources for collecting data and completing the PPR. DD Councils involved in the pilot group are New York, Tennessee, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Nevada, Wyoming, Washington State, and Illinois.

 Performance Measures


PMPG members spent FFY 2014 aligning pertinent grant/contract data systems in preparation for collecting and submitting DD Council data on the draft measures in FFY 2015. (Note: DD Councils not participating in the pilot would continue submitting data on the current performance measures until FFY 2017)