Five Year State Plan

 ACL Reporting System

2017-2021 Goals and Objectives

  • State plan Goals and Objectives Analysis Document – This document features a summary of all DD Council Goals/Objectives by Council as well provides background and summary information on topical areas of focus and targeted disparity sub-population and area of disparity.
  • Targeted Disparity Document – This document reflects the targeted disparity statements Councils included in their 5-Year State plans with a summary of sub-populations and areas of disparity. (updated 2018)

Five Year State Plan (2017-2021 Template)

2022-2026 Five Year State Plan

  • Developing a Planning Timeline: This resource presents a sample time frame for Council staff and members to consider when developing the next State plan.

Five Year State Plan (Development Resources)

Comprehensive Review and Analysis

Five Year Goals

Targeted Disparity & Collaboration

Logic Model Resources

Evaluation Plan

Annual Work Plan

Projected Council Budget


Public Input & Review

Five Year State Plan Review