Five Year State Plan

 ACL Reporting System

2022-2026 State Plan Resources

2022-2026 DD Council State Plan –

  • Developing a Planning Timeline: This resource presents a sample time frame for Council staff and members to consider when developing the next State plan.

Data resources for the CRA –

2017-2021 Goals and Objectives

  • State plan Goals and Objectives Analysis Document – This document features a summary of all DD Council Goals/Objectives by Council as well provides background and summary information on topical areas of focus and targeted disparity sub-population and area of disparity.
  • Targeted Disparity Document – This document reflects the targeted disparity statements Councils included in their 5-Year State plans with a summary of sub-populations and areas of disparity. (updated 2018)

Five Year State Plan Review

Five Year State Plan (2017-2021 Template)

Five Year State Plan (Development Resources)

Comprehensive Review and Analysis

Five Year Goals

Targeted Disparity & Collaboration

Targeted Disparity & Self-Advocacy

Five Year Logic Model

Additional Logic Model Resources

Evaluation Plan

Annual Work Plan

Projected Council Budget


Public Input & Review