State Plan Amendment/Update

Annually, DD Councils must submit amendments and/or updates to their 5-Year State Plan. An amendment is a major change of a 5-year goal that alters the intent of the original goal (formerly referred to as a “substantive change”.  Amendments are due August 15th of each year for the following federal fiscal year.  State plan updates are minor grammatical changes to 5-year goals and other components of the plan such as objectives, activities, expected outcomes, evaluation, etc. (formerly referred to as “non-substantive changes), and are due January 1 of each year for the current federal fiscal year.

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  • Detailed information from OIDD about simultaneously submitting the APPR, the budget and non-substantive amendments on January 1st of each year. (June 2013)  View Letter>
  • Detailed information on how to submit State Plan Amendments. (December 2016) View Letter>