Project Advisory Committee

A Project Advisory Committee is established to guide the direction and implementation of training and technical assistance activities provided by ITACC to DD Councils through technical assistance contract with ACL. To assist the PAC in their work, subcommittees may be established to further assist with guidance and implementation of training and technical assistance initiatives.

Members of the PAC represent innovative, diverse leaders from across the DD Council network, and include representation from people currently working for or serving on a DD Council.

Supporting Documents

FY 2020-2021 Members

  • Daintry Bartoldus, Hawaii
  • Valerie Breen, Florida
  • Kristin Britton, Massachusetts
  • Alicia Cone, Tennessee
  • Rachel Dyer, Maine
  • Vicky Hiffa, New York
  • Christy Russell, Maryland
  • Deborah Swingley, Montana
  • Beth Stalvey, Texas
  • Melissa Sylvester, Alabama