Are dollars leveraged reported on the SF-425?
No. Dollars leveraged are reported on the Program Performance Report (PPR).

Where do I find my Council’s grant number?
The grant number is on the Notice of Award at the top of the award next to the heading “Grant No.”.

Do we have to make our funds available through a competitive process?
In general, yes unless the conditions are met for noncompetitive proposals.

  • 45 CFR 75 (Section 75.101 – Applicability) indicates the terms and conditions flow down to subrecipients unless it is specifically stated that the subrecipient is excluded.
  • 45 CFR 75 (Section 75.328) addresses Competition. (a) states all procurement transactions must be conducted in a manner providing full and open competition…”.
  • 45 CFR 75 (Section 75.326) addresses Procurement by States and includes the wording “including subrecipients of a State will follow sections 75.327 through 75.335” – this includes the competition section.
  • 45 CFR 75 (Section 75.329) (f) addresses procurement by noncompetitive proposals and may only be used when one or more listed circumstances apply.

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