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Technical Assistance Institute (TAI) July 2018, Oxon Hill, MD – Enhancing Council Program Opportunities and Improving Fiscal Accountability (all fiscal session presentations are located on the “financial information” page)

TAI July 2017, Salt Lake City, Utah – Reporting | Advocacy | Diversity

SARTAC Self-Advocacy and Collaboration Webinar

PowerPoint 3/28/2019

Webinar recording

Understanding Advocacy through the DD Council Lens
NACDD/ITACC, in collaboration with AIDD, ITACC SA Work Group and NACDD’s Self-Advocacy Committee (SAC) developed this resource designed to enhance the understanding of advocacy from the unique perspective of DD Councils.

“Nothing About Us Without Us” Best Practices for Supporting Statewide Self-Advocacy Organizations
NACDD’s SAC, in collaboration with self-advocates from across the country, leaders of national disability organizations and State and Territorial Developmental Disability Councils, has developed a list of best and promising practices that we believe will result in the growth and sustainability of effective self-advocacy organizations. 

Strategic Communications Committee

Social Media Brief 2016– This brief was developed by NACDD’s Strategic Communications Subcommittee to support Council staff in ways social media can enhance DD Council work.

DD Awareness Month Campaign, (2019)

Home & Community Based Services Settings Rule Implementation