Council Members

Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act (DD Act)

Administration on Disability (AOD)/Office of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (OIDD)

  • AIDD Lobbying vs. Educating Memo – This memo was created by AIDD to help clarify questions regarding lobbying versus educating policy makers. View memo (click on Lobbying)

Training and Education

  • Global Orientation PowerPoint – This PowerPoint provides global orientation materials for DD Council members. View PowerPoint
  • DD Council Membership Requirements – This resource provides an overview of the DD Act requirements for Council members with additional guidance on specific items. View document
  • DD Council Member Guide – This guide was created by ITACC to assist members in understanding their role.
    English Council Member Guide
    Spanish Council Member Guide
  • Serving on a DD Council – This PowerPoint provides an overview of DD Council member. View Serving on a DD Council
  • Roles and Responsibilities of DD Council Staff and Members
    English PowerPoint (2018).
    Spanish PowerPoint (2018)
  • DD Council Budget Process – This PowerPoint provides useful information in understanding the budget process for a DD Council.View Council Budget PowerPoint
  • Policy vs. Procedure Document – Provides information on the distinctions between policy and procedures to assist members with their roles and responsibilities. View document
  • DD Council Bylaws Overview – Provides an overview of what Bylaws are and how they assist and impact a DD Council. View Bylaws Overview
  • Conflict of Interest – This PowerPoint provides background from the DD Act and examples of what constitutes a conflict of interest or the appearance of one. Assurances are also presented. View PowerPoint

Training and Education ~ Spanish

Chairperson Training and Education

  • Materials for this section are being updated and will be posted soon.  

Additional resources and information

  • Special Publication: Sexual Violence and Abuse Report – This publication highlights Council initiatives and outcomes on the topic. View report
  • Disability Policy Framework PowerPoint – Assists in the understanding of goals and opportunities related Disability Policy work. View PowerPoint
  • Micromanagement PowerPoint – Assists members in learning if they are taking on roles and responsibilities of staff or directors, which is considered a form of micromanaging. View PowerPoint
  • Robert Rules of Order – Provides an overall description of the Roberts Rules of Order in plain English. View Roberts Rules document