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The form below is for DD Council staff to submit successful and effective practices of what’s working in the field of developmental disabilities.  The amount of time to complete the form depends on the amount of information you choose to include about your work.

If you prefer to work off-line, download the Council Success Story Template and email to an ITACC staff member.

The key benefits of being featured in the collection are your successful and effective work will be shared with your peers around the country who may want to replicate your effort(s), easy access for your federal partners to read about you and your grantees successful and effective work.

About the form

The submission form includes check-off boxes, and other required information is open ended. There are two key areas for narrative information. The areas include a description of the project or practice, key elements of the project or practice, collaborators and partners, and the impact (or impact-to-date) of the project or practice for people with developmental disabilities, families, communities, or systems.  Another key element is to provide an impact story from the perspective of an individual with developmental disability, a family member of a person with developmental disabilities, a partner, a community, or other perspective.


Council success stories will be reviewed by ITACC within 5 working days of submission. Review criteria includes:

1) A description of the project or practice, the need the project or practice addressed and what the project or practice intended to accomplish. For emerging practices, a description of the strategies, activities, and approaches that or new or innovative and hold promise based on some level of evidence that shows positive outcomes but is not research based. For promising practices, a description of the impact on the population of focus and information about sufficient evidence to claim the practice is effective in achieving positive outcomes.

2) Information about why the project or practice worked and how it led to the intended outcomes expected; information about collaborators and partners and how they were involved and how this effort made things better for people with developmental disabilities and their families, your partners, or communities.

3) Impact stories that relate to the project are presented from a point of view and should describe what things were like before participation in the project, what things are like following participation, what a participant found most beneficial from participating in the project, and a highlight about the role of the DD Council in achieving positive outcomes through the project.

If your submission meets the minimum criteria, your success story will be added to the database.

Project / Activity Information

Type of practice(Required)
Area of Emphasis and others: (check all that apply)(Required)
Project/activity year (check all that apply)(Required)

Project / Activity Information (continued)

What was the population of focus?(Required)
What strategies were used in the project/activity? (check all that apply)(Required)
[Provide a description of your project or practice. Include information about the need your project or practice addresses, what it intended to accomplish, collaborators and/or partners, key elements of the project and any relevant background information. For emerging practices, describe the strategies, activities, or approaches that are new or innovative and hold promise based on some level of evidence showing positive outcomes that are not research based. For promising practices, describe the impact on your key population and include information about sufficient evidence to claim the practice is effective at achieving positive outcomes].
[Include information about how this project impacted (made things better for) people with ID/DD and their families, your partners, or communities to show the impact, or projected impact of your work. You can include aggregate information (in numbers or descriptions) about individual or family impacts, impacts on communities, or neighborhoods, large or small organizations, or impacts of a systems change effort].

Stories (Must be related to the project)

Impact stories put a human face on the work of your Council and provide a quick look into the lives of people with developmental disabilities, families of people with developmental disabilities, or communities.
Story perspective(Required)
[include information that speaks to the need of the project, what things were like before someone participated in the activity (for example, before participating in a Council project, a self-advocate did not have confidence to speak up for themselves to tell others their point of view)].
[highlight something that impacted a person or community through participating in the project or practice].
[Consider including information about program and funding decisions, the Councils role to advise and educate policymakers, what positive change and intended outcomes the Council wanted to see for people with I/DD, how the project or practice aligns with the mission and vision of the Council, how the effort supports the values of the Council and the focus of community living and self-determination].

Contact Information

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