ITACC Services

The goal of technical assistance activities is to help DD Councils:

  • Be positioned as known leaders, sought out topical experts, and catalysts of systems change, capacity building, and advocacy at the national, state/territory, and local levels.
  • Effectively demonstrate and communicate the impact of their efforts on the lives of people with developmental disabilities, both as individual Councils and as a network of programs.
  • Support individuals with ID/DD to live independent, self-determined, productive, integrated, and included lives.

Summary: In coordination with ACL’s Office of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, the ITACC works with State and Territory DD Council programs to identify promising practices, support emerging practices among Councils, and provide technical assistance.

Services: The ITACC provides services in three areas: General, Targeted, and Intensive.


  • TA Institute, Webinars, TA News Brief, FAQ’s from the Field, Listserv, Website, Special Reports, TA Briefs.


  • Peer-to-Peer calls, Tailored Council training, Chairperson leadership training, New ED Orientation.


  • TA Institute, Webinars, TA News Brief, FAQ’s from the Field, Listserv, Website, Special Reports, TA Briefs.

TA Service details

The website is to help the efforts of the ITACC to support DD Council programs.  Posted information includes resources, instructions, guidance, webinar recordings, training curricula, and other information.  A new feature is a repository of successful projects with stories.

The ITACC Listserv is an email forum for Council staff, members, and ACL staff.  The purpose of the listserv is to provide a way for quick communication about training and funding opportunities, news and developments in the field of DD, and a way to share information about how to improve the effectiveness of the Council programs.  Subscribers can ask questions and seek input from other DD Network subscribers on ways to improve their programs.

Webinars are offered throughout the year on reporting and other “hot topics” in developmental disabilities.

TA Briefs contain information on topics related to Council program operation and compliance.

The ITACC Rapid Response service is for Council staff and members to get answers to their questions quickly through email or a phone call.

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Calls are topic specific calls held among DD Council staff to exchange knowledge with each other.

Council Evaluation Capacity will be enhanced through guidance and education from an expert-level evaluation consultant.

Targeted, Individualized TA efforts is available to Councils on policy, practice, and administrative issues.

Below are some examples of requests we have received from Councils:

  • Enhanced joint training and education for the Executive Committee and key Designated State Agency people
  • Council committee training on policies and laws to support allowable activities for a public policy agenda
  • Training and education for Council staff on basic fiscal topics