Council Staff

The DD Act supports the DD Council Director to recruit and hire additional staff for the DD Council (Section 125 (c) (8)). Resources are provided to assist and support DD Council Staff as they fulfill their roles and responsibilities.

Developmental Disabilities Assistance Bill of Rights Act (DD Act) and Final Rule

Administration on Disability (AOD)/Office of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (OIDD)

  • Cooperative Effort Between States and State Councils on Developmental Disabilities – These instructions provide guidance to Councils that are in current and future cooperative efforts/collaborations with one another across State and Territory borders, View Program Instruction
  • This memo was created by AIDD to help clarify questions that are often received regarding lobbying versus educating policy makers. View memo (click on Lobbying)
  • Rescission of AIDD Program Instructions and Information Memorandums (2016). View document
  • Federal guidance about how long records must be kept is provided. View guidance

Information on Council Operations

  • DD Council Membership Requirements: This resource provides an overview of the DD Act requirements for Council members with additional guidance on specific items. View document
  • Orientation: This PowerPoint provides global orientation materials for DD Council members. View PowerPoint
  • Roles and Responsibilities of DD Council Staff and Members
    English PowerPoint (2018).
    Spanish PowerPoint (2018)
  • Conflict & Assurances: This PowerPoint provides background from the DD Act and examples of what constitutes a conflict of interest or the appearance of one. Assurances are also discussed in this resource. View Powerpoint
  • Bylaws: This PowerPoint provides an overview of what Bylaws are and how they assist and impact a DD Council. View PowerPoint
  • Disability Policy: This PowerPoint was created to assist in the understanding the goals and opportunities around Disability Policy work. View disability policy framework PowerPoint
  • Sustainability: ITACC created this resource to provide information on the continuation of a project’s goals, principles, and efforts to achieve desired outcomes. English version | Spanish version
  • Budget: This PowerPoint provides useful information to assist Council members and staff in understanding the budget process for a DD Council. View Council Budget PowerPoint or read more on the Fiscal Information Page
  • COVID-19 Operations: TA Recommendations on State Plan Implementation and Operation Disruptions due to COVID-19

Additional Resources and Information

  • What is Due When? Calendar of Federal Reports (Revised 2020)
  • Special Publication: Sexual Violence and Abuse Report – This publication highlights Council initiatives and outcomes on the topic. View report
  • AIDD DD Council Performance Measures Guidance Document (2017) – This resource is a tool and guide for Council staff to use in data collection activities. View document
  • Accessible meetings – This document was created by ITACC and is a sampling of resources to assist DD Councils and others in making meetings, presentations and materials that are accessible to all. View document
  • This PowerPoint reviews why the DD Act was established by Congress, the goal, and an overview of what is included. View PowerPoint