Council Staff

The DD Act supports the DD Council Director to recruit and hire additional staff for the DD Council (Section 125 (c) (8)). Council staff helps the Executive Director more efficiently implement the directives set by the Council.  Resources are provided to assist and support DD Council Staff as they fulfill their roles and responsibilities.

If you are a newly hired DD Council staff member, please review the Orientation to the DD Council Program resource.

This page lists all resources for Council staff in alphabetical order as well as by category of resource.  The search feature will also help you locate resources.

Council Staff Resources

Below is a collection of resources that are specifically for Council Staff. Click the topic to see relevant documents.

5 Exemplary Practices in Leadership (2021)

Effective leadership does not happen by accident. Leadership is a skill and must be developed. Leadership skills are improved by practice, studying and feedback. Leadership is not a position. Leadership…


ABLE and Employment Report

This report highlights the work and accomplishments of DD Councils with regard to the Achieving a Better Life Experience Act (ABLE Act) and employment, based primarily on their 2018 Program…


ACL FAQs on Expanding access COVID-19 Vaccines

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS DD Councils: Expanding Disabilities Network’s (DD Councils) Access to COVID19 Vaccines (Version 1.0 Date 4/14/21) The Administration for Community Living (ACL) announced a new funding opportunity of…


ACL Updates (2022 TAI)

This document provides information about the Administration for Community Living updates presented during the May, 2022 Technical Assistance Institute for DD Councils. The following topics were reviewed: Increasing DD Council…


Advancing Cultural & Linguistic Competence: Where is your DD Council on the Journey?

Participants will: 1. Engage in a brief self‐assessment of individual cultural competence. 2. Discuss and list the extent to which cultural and linguistic  competence are specifically stated in Councils’: -Policies -Structures -Practices -Behaviors -Attitudes 3.Select and discuss road signs that describe where their respective  Councils are advancing cultural and linguistic competence. Click to…