Corresponds with: AIDD-IM-19-01 & AIDD-PI-19-01

1. Is this new policy?
No, this is not new policy but clarification of existing law and regulations. When grantees accept federal funds each year, they are accepting the terms and conditions in the Notice of Award and accepting responsibility for compliance for all  applicable laws and regulations. The Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act of 2000 (DD Act) (42 USC 15001 et seq) specifically gives State Councils on Developmental Disabilities and P&As the ability to have the grant year plus one year to obligate funds (42 USC 15022). Previous program regulations, Program Instructions and Information Memorandum were written to previous versions of the DD Act, although AIDD still followed previous program practices that allowed an additional year for liquidation after obligation of funds was complete. The 2015 DD Act regulations continued the policy of allowing the extra liquidation time for grant closeout (42 CFR 1326.3). This has left a third year, often referred to as the “liquidation year” to do closeout of the grant but no grant activities.

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