This resource was created using the State plan implementation activities section of the DD Act (Section 125 (c) (5) (B-L)). The resource was developed starting with what a Council was trying to do and what outcome (broadly stated) a Council would be working towards. Each State plan implementation activity was broken down and organized into a table format. The first column shows what the Council is trying to do; the second column has information from the DD Act about the State plan implementation activity (Section 125 (c) (5) (B-L)); the third column shows the activity name; and the fourth column shows what the outcome focus would be if the activity is used.

This resource can be used to identify activities for the State plan and Annual Work Plan and can be used when reporting activities in the ProgramPerformance Report. This resource was tested by several Councils to determine its benefit. Council staff told us it helped them identify the “best fit” State plan implementation activity for what they were trying to achieve. Additionally, we learned that some activities were identified by the Council staff that did not align with the DD Act information. An example was “outreach”.

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