Financial Information

Information and guidance about the financial administration of the DD Council Basic Grant Award is designed to assist DD Councils with routine financial operations. For state specific questions, DD Councils may need to contact their DSA for additional information. For questions and additional information please contact NACDD/ITACC TA staff to assist.

AOD/OIDD Information

  • AIDD-IM-19-01: Administrative Requirements of Federal Grant Funds pertaining to Obligation, Liquidation, and Date of Completion
  • AIDD-PI-19-01: Liquidation waiver process, eligibility, and instructions for unliquidated obligations at the end of the liquidation period for State Councils on Developmental Disabilities (DD Councils or SCDD) and Protection & Advocacy (P&A) grant awards
  • FAQs Obligation Liquidation
  • AIDD Information Memorandum, Formula Grants Issued July 28, 2015 – The existing formula for the Councils and P&As in Section 1385.8 of the new DD Act rule has been removed from the regulation. This document explains that for FY 2016, AIDD will use the existing formula to determine awards based on Congressional appropriations in accordance with the DD Act.

2018 Technical Assistance Institute (TAI) Enhancing Council Program Opportunities and Improving Fiscal Accountability

Additional Financial Resources